Ableways International Limited is a signature financial inter-mediation solutions provider that is based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company was formed three and a half years ago and has been providing bank guarantees to tendering firms in Kenya and around the African Region.

Based in Nairobi Central Business District, the company is able to organize these trade finance services on behalf of its customers. The directors of the company are well versed with banking and trade finance operations and are experts in their industry. It is now possible to get bank bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees through Ableways International Limited without much difficulties provided clients meet the company’s terms of and conditions. The application process is quite simple to follow and understand and the best part is that the staff are ready to assist as and when their services are needed.

In the recent past, the company has just re-branded and it has a stunning new website; that has been upgraded from the previous website the company had. This is geared at helping the company to re-position itself as the market leader in the bank guarantee business and to give it an unfair advantage over all other guarantee providers. Armed with a strong marketing team, Ableways is able marshal and obtain any type of bank guarantees on behalf of its customers; as and when needed. When the right combination of circumstances and timings permit Ableways to take a particular calculated step towards reaching a specific target market, an opportunity for the company exists. These opportunities in our view are “strategic windows” of opportunity which in our view are periods of ” optimal fit” between the key requirements of a market and particular capabilities of Ableways.

Ableways is that strategic window of opportunity for your business. Ableways will usually ensure that your guarantee is prepared in time to be able to meet your tender deadlines and submit your tender within a reasonable timing. We realize that time is of essence and tender securities are prepare at the eleventh hour so that the price quotes are competitive. This is the company that is able to work around your tendering cycle to ensure that you have the best chance to win the tender.

“As we re-launch our company this month, we welcome you all to talk to us about your tendering needs because Ableways International is your number one signature financial inter-mediation solutions provider of choice. We have a variety of banking partners to ensure that your guarantee is issued as and when you need it.” Kennedy Njiru Mbogori – Managing Director, Ableways International

” Our company is always ready with open arms to serve you to make your tender process as easy as ABC. We are very flexible and our rates are very friendly compared to what the market is offering. We encourage bidders to talk to us about their tendering needs and we will be more than ready to serve them” Daniel Singi Musembi – Operations Director, Ableways International Limited


Ableways International Limited provides bid bonds, performance bonds and advance payment guarantees to suppliers and contractors tendering in Kenya and around the East Africa region. We officially welcome you to our blog where we share with our customers and the general public. In this post, we would like to handle what requirements there are for companies wishing to do business with us.

As you are all aware, there is a global new law of combating money laundering and terrorism and the U.S is leading this through the Patriots Act. In Kenya, this law is called ” Proceeds of Crime, Terrorism and Anti Money Laundering Act” Chapter 59B of the Laws of Kenya. It is now a mandatory requirement that all banks and financial services companies maintain a strict KYC (Know Your Customer) documents. These KYC documents have always been a requirement even for banks from their customers. In line with KYC requirements, Ableways International Limited will require to maintain all statutory documents of their customers. This assist us during auditing. The KYC documents are the first line of documents a client will be required to provide these documents on first engagement. Any customer looking for a bid/tender security in form of a bank guarantee (bid bond) will be required to provide:

  • Copy of incorporation
  • Copy of PIN/VAT
  • Copy of memorandum and articles of association
  • Copies of IDs or Passports and PINs of all directors
  • Copy of City Council license
  • Company profile

When Ableways gets these documents for customers applying for a bid bond/bid security/tender security, we will usually store them confidentially and securely in line with our company’s brand promise. For the reason that we are a signature financial solutions provider, we have enabled each and everyone to upload these documents online on our website. Bidders wishing to work with us will be able to create a bidder’s account.  Our website is secured with the top-of-the class, weapons-grade military encryption, assuring our customers that their documents cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties. Additionally, bidders can be able to apply for bid bonds online anywhere in the world.

We welcome all bidders/tenderers to talk to us today about their bidding needs so that we can assist them to secure bid securities for their tenders. We offer the best pricing coupled with fastest turnaround, besides having a variety of banking partners from whom to choose from. Kindly talk to us today

A bid bond is the most basic type of a bank guarantee. It is also called a tender security, tender guarantee, or bid security arranged by Ableways International , and it is usually required in order to protect the employer/procuring entity against the bidder’s/tenderer’s conduct which would warrant either:

  • Failure or refusal by the bidder/tenderer to raise a performance bond bank guarantee within the stipulated timeline
  • Failure or refusal by the bidder/tenderer to correct an arithmetic error in his tender when called upon to do so by the employer or the procuring entity
  • Failure or refusal by the bidder/tenderer to sign the contract agreement within the stipulated duration in accordance with the instructions to tenderers
  • The bidder/tenderer withdrawing his tender during the period of tender validity specified in the instructions to tenderers

Most of these conditions are usually set forth in the format of the bid bond. It is usually very important for bidders to have a look at these conditions because they are the main reasons why their bid bond would be called up by an employer or rejected and hence non responsive. Most bidders do overlook the format of the tender security. This is a grievous mistake because tender documents of various employers usually differ in formats although the main idea of the bid security is the same. Every procuring entity/employer sets the substandard minimum terms and conditions that a bidder needs to meet in the tender so that that his tender can be accepted. This is the whole essence of a tender document. A bid bond bank guarantee or tender guarantee for that case therefore ensure that a bidder’s bid is acceptable to the procuring entity. The bid bond is called a tender security or bid security because once the bidder/tenderer has given his quote, he cannot change the quoted price for that tender; even if the market conditions change as it secure the procuring entity against such instances.

Why are bid bonds so important in public procurement? Why can’t the employer just ask for quotes alone instead of these ridiculous instruments that make my bank walk all over me with their processes?

Bid bond bank guarantees in Kenya especially are enshrined in the constitution to protect the Government, which is the largest consumer of both goods and services. They are contained in the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2015 (Latest Version). The government needs to save money by getting quotes from different suppliers and under normal terms, the tender is usually awarded to the bid which; in Government’s assessment; will give it a ‘value for money’. Since every bidder presents their own quote, the Government has to evaluate each of the presented quotes. Under normal terms, bid bonds are usually between 0.5% – 2% of the total contract sum. That same Act of Parliament also gives rise to insurance bid bonds whereby Insurance companies have also been permitted to issue insurance bid bonds

Ableways International Limited, through our contracts and associations with various reputable banking institutions residing in Kenya usually has the capacity to organize for bid bonds on behalf of its customers. Since we are in the business of financial inter-mediation, we are able to address both the banked and the un-banked to ensure that they are able to participate at the same level with other stable bidding firms that they compete with.

What sets us apart from the competition is our pricing, our turnaround time, our customer service as well as our affiliations with various reputable banking partners. Banks work under the ideology of pooling resources together on behalf of their depositors. They have a moral and financial duty to protect their depositors funds against any risk of loss projected or assessed. For this reason, most banks will require their clients to cover their facilities either with an asset, cash, credit insurance or a combination. These collateral assets are then pooled together and a limit of utilization; called the global limit is extended to the client, usually for various types of facilities. There are clients who have these kind of arrangements and when one part of the facility is fully utilized, they will either have to seek for higher limit approvals or add more assets to cover the bank against the asset – liability mismatches. This process can be tedious and time consuming to bidders/tenderers as well as very expensive; especially when the bidding company cannot get a bid bond in good time because requisite approvals have to be sought.

Bidders usually get their prices at the last minute from their suppliers.  They usually prepare all other docs 2-3 days to the tender opening date and so a bid bond is usually the last bit after getting and tabulating the total contract sum. Bidders need to have a partner who will deliver the much needed bid security within minutes if not hours. That partner that any bidder could count on even in the eleventh hour is Ableways International Limited. Our bid bonds are prepared within minutes, at the cheapest prices in town on the correct format, with no mistakes whatsoever. Additionally, we are located in the CBD to ensure that we serve you within the shortest time possible. Additionally, all our bid bonds are authentic, and fully backed by assets that are good, clean and cleared with our various reputable commercial banking partners in Kenya.

To make things better, we have even enabled our contractors to be able to send their guarantees online. Now you can open a bidders account, submit the relevant KYC documents and apply for your bid bond or any tender bank guarantee online while on the go! We invite bidders to register on our website. You can type your email on our website and we will give you more details on what needs to happen or sign up as  as  bidder. Either way, its a win win situation. Go, on log on to Ableways International Limited Website and Get sorted with your bid bond.

Besides arranging bank bid bonds, performance bonds and APG via Ableways International are household arrangements that are usually undertaken in the company. These are all forms or types of bank guarantees and Ableways arranges these services on behalf of its customers through reputable banks in Kenya. Performance bonds are needed to protect the employer against a bidder’s conduct which would warrant forfeiture of the contract while advance payment guarantee helps a contractor to secure upfront payment for a contract that has been awarded by the employer/procuring entity (a third party) but not yet executed by the contractor. The employer/procuring entity will therefore demand a security (the advance payment guarantee from the bank) for paying the contractor in advance to protect himself against the contractor’s conduct which would present a financial loss to the employer and the forfeiture of the contract by the contractor.

At Ableways International Limited, we are very well versed with the process and the requirements for both performance bond bank guarantee and advance payment guarantees (APG). Banks in Kenya and micro finance banks that have been licensed by Central Bank of Kenya to do ‘Banking Business’ usually require that the facility is covered 100%. We beg to do to things in a different way. We will usually adopt a structured case by case arrangement whereby we will assess the customer’s application based on a number of terms namely:

  • Who is the client (contractor/supplier
  • Who does the client bank with, can the statements be confirmed and how are the total debit/credit balance looking on average within a given period (6 months)
  • The client’s aging list of debtors and creditors
  • Substandard minimum requirement to get the job done, up to a point where the client is able to raise the first invoice
  • Key staff and their qualifications
  • Available machinery/facilities to assist the contractor/supplier to undertake the job satisfaction.
  • Previous jobs of similar magnitude done and completed satisfactorily.
  • Comparison of the audited financials within two years

The above forms part of the evaluation that we undertake to ensure that performance bonds and APG are above board. To do this, the contractor/client will be required to submit to us the following copies of documents:

  • Copy of incorporation
  • Copy of PIN/VAT
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Copy of Tax Compliance
  • Copy of City Council License
  • Copy of latest 6 months certified bank statements
  • 2 years latest audited financials
  • Past jobs done – Copies of award letters, performance and APG copies, payment certificates which should be traced in the bank statements as well as completion certificate.
  • Aging list of debtors and creditors for 90 days (latest)

All these documents are in line with the KYC Policy that requires all financial (both bank and non bank financial institutions) to maintain a strict KYC for their clients. With these documents, it is possible for us to be able to analyze the client quickly within hours. For performance bonds, the client will be required to put in between 20% – 50% of the value of the performance bond as a refundable cash cover (security). Ableways International Ltd will secure the other 50% of the value of the guarantee with the bank. We have three banking partners, one micro finance bank and a number of insurance companies. Our service charges are very friendly and they are usually on a case by case basis.

Advance payment guarantees are also arranged via Ableways International. There are two ways of approaching advance payment guarantees. The first one is whereby the contractor needs to be paid upfront for the jobs so that the payment is guaranteed once the contractor completes the contract. This is the ideal situation and the charges are cheaper and negotiable. We will usually process the guarantee through our bank and the money will be wired to the bank. Once the contractor completes the job, he can present the original guarantee to us and we will have it cancelled and money transferred to a bank of the contractor’s choice. The second way is whereby the contractor needs to access the money immediately. In this option, the contractor will be required to open an account with one of our banking partners where we will arrange the guarantee from; as well as introduce Ableways International as a mandatory signatory into the account. Additionally, the contractor will need to give requisite security acceptable to us for any amounts that they are accessing.

This forms part of the detailed process of arranging both performance bonds or advance payment guarantees with Ableways either through bank or insurance. We therefore invite contractors and suppliers alike to Ableways International Limited about the bank guarantee needs