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Ableways International Limited Re-branded

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Ableways International Limited is a signature financial inter-mediation solutions provider that is based in Nairobi, Kenya. The company was formed three and a half years ago and has been providing bank guarantees to tendering firms in Kenya and around the African Region.

Based in Nairobi Central Business District, the company is able to organize these trade finance services on behalf of its customers. The directors of the company are well versed with banking and trade finance operations and are experts in their industry. It is now possible to get bank bid bonds, performance bonds, advance payment guarantees through Ableways International Limited without much difficulties provided clients meet the company’s terms of and conditions. The application process is quite simple to follow and understand and the best part is that the staff are ready to assist as and when their services are needed.

In the recent past, the company has just re-branded and it has a stunning new website; that has been upgraded from the previous website the company had. This is geared at helping the company to re-position itself as the market leader in the bank guarantee business and to give it an unfair advantage over all other guarantee providers. Armed with a strong marketing team, Ableways is able marshal and obtain any type of bank guarantees on behalf of its customers; as and when needed. When the right combination of circumstances and timings permit Ableways to take a particular calculated step towards reaching a specific target market, an opportunity for the company exists. These opportunities in our view are “strategic windows” of opportunity which in our view are periods of ” optimal fit” between the key requirements of a market and particular capabilities of Ableways.

Ableways is that strategic window of opportunity for your business. Ableways will usually ensure that your guarantee is prepared in time to be able to meet your tender deadlines and submit your tender within a reasonable timing. We realize that time is of essence and tender securities are prepare at the eleventh hour so that the price quotes are competitive. This is the company that is able to work around your tendering cycle to ensure that you have the best chance to win the tender.

“As we re-launch our company this month, we welcome you all to talk to us about your tendering needs because Ableways International is your number one signature financial inter-mediation solutions provider of choice. We have a variety of banking partners to ensure that your guarantee is issued as and when you need it.” Kennedy Njiru Mbogori – Managing Director, Ableways International

” Our company is always ready with open arms to serve you to make your tender process as easy as ABC. We are very flexible and our rates are very friendly compared to what the market is offering. We encourage bidders to talk to us about their tendering needs and we will be more than ready to serve them” Daniel Singi Musembi – Operations Director, Ableways International Limited

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